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To get your free Marlboro Miles catalog, just call their toll-free phone number at 1-800-627-5267. They will need proof that you are of legal age in order to send you their catalog. Marlboro FIVE Miles can then be redeemed for Marlboro gear.
Note: You may not use the old style Marlboro Miles (which read "5 MILES").

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Marlboro Miles Catalog

Marlboro Miles Catalog

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Marlboro Miles
Today Marlboro remains one of the top recognized brands in the world. However, despite of brand's enormous popularity, Marlboro marketers do their best to keep the position firm.
Awaiting the authorities to prohibit the outdoor advertising of tobacco products and being urged on by market competition, cigarette companies invent various creative ways of advertising, which do not fall under control of legislation. One of the brightest trials made Philip Morris, with his marketing program called "Marlboro Miles Collections".
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Altria quarterly profit up 1.6 percent, raises full-year outlook
NEW YORK – Altria Group Inc., the world’s largest cigarette maker and majority owner of Kraft Foods, reported a 1.6 percent rise in net profit for the second quarter today and raised its full-year guidance.
The parent company of Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes said net income grew to $2.71 billion, or $1.29 per share, from $2.67 billion, or $1.28 per share, in the second quarter a year ago. Revenue climbed 4 percent to $25.77 billion from $24.78 billion last year. more

Altria. Shares of Philip Morris' holding company jumped $4.43 to $77.76
Altria. Shares of Philip Morris' holding company jumped $4.43 to $77.76, accounting for nearly half of the Dow Jones industrials' gain for the day. Investors hope the verdict clears the way for the company to break its food and cigarette business apart as planned, says Timothy Ramey, analyst at D.A. Davidson.

Suspect in carjacking sought
MARLBORO - Police are investigating a carjacking incident that took place on July 6 at the Marlboro Plaza shopping center, Route 9 and Route 520.
According to a police press release, a 40-year-old township resident called police at about 4:45 p.m. to report that she had been carjacked.

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